Professional carpet cleaningOur company specialises in providing professional carpet cleaning services for the entire Reading area. The carpet cleaners who work for us are all vetted & well trained. They do all in their power to spread the company’s high-quality standards even further. That way we can be sure that our customers are satisfied with their residential and office needs. If you choose our cleaning company you will get excellent carpet care, post cleaning maintenance and also receive all of the following great benefits:

  • Flexible booking slots that give you control on when exactly you want us there.
  • Great discounts that will improve with the number of services you book.
  • Affordable rates for each of our services.
  • A team of motivated people who do their very best in their work field.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians begin by first inspecting from what materials the carpet is made. This way they can find out what detergents it will be best to use. They will pour hot or cold water inside the machine and wait for it to reach the desired temperatures. While that happens. Our technicians pre-treat all the high-traffic areas, dirt patches and stains with the required detergents. The machine injects steam inside the carpet under high pressure. There it combines with all the dirt, grime, and detergents. It is then sucked out and the carpet is to dry. It usually takes around 3 hours for a carpet to dry out.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

This method is of use when the carpets don’t work well with water. This is usually the case when they contract or expand due to being wet.

Our carpet cleaners first hover over the entire surface of the carpet. That way they can remove most of the big particles from it. Then they inspect the fibers of the carpet to determine what detergents can be of use. With them, they pre-treat all the high-traffic areas, dirt patches, and stains. A high absorbing powder is later distributed on the surface of the carpet. With a machine that uses lots of tiny brushes, the powder is scrubbed deep into the surface. When vacuumed, all the dirt from the carpet and the absorbing powder will be removed.