Want to clean all these nasty coffee stains off your oriental rug? Then you should choose our professional rug cleaning service in Reading. Our skilled rug cleaners will arrive with no delay and provide quality rug care at a reasonable price. We serve both private citizens and businesses. We can assure you of the quality and standards that will leave you satisfied with our cleaning services. Full stain removal and long-term protection is what you’ll get should you choose to book us. You will also have the following service benefits:

  • Affordable rates that do not lower our quality standards in any way.
  • We are able to work on bank holidays and weekends.
  • Great discounts that only go higher with the number of services you request.
  • Customer support that will answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dry Cleaning

Our rug cleaners Reading will begin by inspecting the fabrics of the rug. That way they can determine what products exactly can they use. They will then pre-treat all the high-traffic areas and dirt patches with detergents. A special absorbing powder is then applied on the entire surface of the rug. With a machine that has lots of tiny brushes, the powder is going to be scrubbed deep into the rug. There it combines with all the dirt and detergents. Later the powder will be vacuumed and the process is complete.

Steam RUG Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians will once again test to see what materials the rug is made. Then they pre-treat all stains, high-traffic areas and dirt patches with the needed detergents. With the help of a machine, they inject steam deep inside the rug. There it combines with all dirt and grime and is simultaneously sucked out. That way the rug is completely clean. It will take approximately 3 hours for a rug to dry after this procedure. The process can be sped up. If we open a window or if upon request a special air moving machine is in to the house.